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Dr. White's Vein Center and Morgantown SculpSure & Clear Ink, PLLC

Dr. White’s Vein Center and Morgantown SculpSure & Clear Ink, PLLC in Morgantown, West Virginia, is a vascular vein specialty practice with many modern aesthetic treatment options. Led by vascular specialist Carol White, MD, the team compassionately listens to the goals and concerns of every new and returning patient to create a high-quality custom treatment plan.

Dr. White and her team pride themselves on offering the latest, safest, and most effective treatment options available. Most of the treatments and services are noninvasive or minimally invasive, further emphasizing their prioritization of safety. These treatments allow patients to minimize or forgo the complexities of more complicated procedures, like anesthesia, hospital stays, and long recovery times.

Dr. White and her team specialize in treating vascular issues like varicose veins, spider veins, deep vein thrombosis, and venous ulcers. Using advanced approaches like VenaSeal™ vein closure, sclerotherapy, and compression stockings, they relieve symptoms that come with varicose veins and help prevent complications. These treatments can also improve the appearance of skin with varicose or spider veins on the surface.

Dr. White’s Vein Center and Morgantown SculpSure & Clear Ink, PLLC also specializes in issues involving the legs, like restless leg syndrome, leg cramps, and leg swelling.

In addition to vascular and leg treatments, Dr. White provides noninvasive aesthetic treatments like WarmSculpting™ with SculpSure® body contouring, tattoo removal, and skin tightening. With treatments like these, patients can discover a newfound appreciation for the way they look and experience a significant boost in self-confidence.

To set up a consultation for vascular treatments or aesthetic procedures, call Dr. White’s Vein Center and Morgantown SculpSure & Clear Ink, PLLC or book an appointment online today.



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With the rising popularity of tattoos, there is also a significant rise of people who wish to have their tattoos removed or altered. Whether it’s from an impulsive decision, or simply the tattoo is just no longer relevant in their lives today, laser tattoo removal may be an option. There are also many people who are seeking to cover up or change an unwanted tattoo with something new. It is also understood that many people who desire tattoo removal never follow through with their treatment due to several concerns. Clear Ink specializes in laser tattoo removal in Morgantown, and the surrounding areas.


SculpSure’s light-based body-contouring targets and destroys stubborn fat below the skin’s surface in simple 25 minute treatments with zero recovery time.



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